Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

I have created this blog for one reason & one reason only... Pinterest challenge (Brought to you by: Sherry, Ana, Erin, & Katie! I needed a form of linking up my project to a favorite blog YHL.  While football season was approaching I wanted to let everyone know we were a Florida Gator home. Besides, it's our first football season in our first home. We received a Florida Gator welcome mat last Christmas (about one month before closing), but I knew it wouldn't be enough. Thanks to Pinterest I got plenty of help and inspiration... here & here.Then I came upon this & knew this was much more doable for a few reasons. Mainly because I live in a not-too-friendly Gator area & stores do not typically carry Florida Gator decor/ribbon/paints etc. The F logo seemed much more realistic. And so this came about...

(I learned the steps for the ribbon process from a great YouTube video tutorial... I can not find it now but it was really easy to follow & involved making a spring wreath. I'm sorry if you are the person who made this video. I would love to give you credit) It was one of the easiest "crafty" projects I've done. After buying a wire wreath (they are very inexpensive, but still used a 40% off coupon I had) & about 8 rolls of ribbon (which I also waited to be 40% off) I was ready to go. It was as easy as cutting the ribbon into 6-7 inch strips & tying them throughout with random pattern until it was "full" (aka until I ran out of ribbon). Prior to I made sure I cut one strip long enough to hang the wreath with. Took about 1 hour to tie all the ribbons (well in between tv commercial breaks).

As far as the F (which is similar in font style to the true UF logo) it was also purchased on discount & I used white puff paint I had in the house to place puffy dots throughout. After letting that dry I used some white paint we had left over from our baseboard painting project to add a top coat. The dotting of the letter was inspired by the dot pattern of the ribbons used...
 Just how I was able to fasten the letter onto the wreath was tricky. Mainly since I had already tied the ribbon throughout & then needed to add the letter. Thankfully, the ribbon is easily moved. I happened to pondering a letter-attaching technique as the mister came home. I presented the problem & about 5 minutes later, problem solved. He's too good. And that letter is on there nice & sturdy, no wiggle room. All I know is it looks like this...

There are some special considerations about this wreath... it's made out of ribbon so it is not ideal for those without a front porch or those who live in extra windy/snowy conditions. Thankfully I live in South Florida so I & have a front porch, unfortunately we do get heavy rain & I just always place it on the inner surface of the door in times of rainy weather to prevent it from becoming humid.

Anyone else know of any good projects to share my alumni pride?


  1. I saw the orange and blue and had to check it out. Go Gators! Your wreath turned out nicely.

  2. Very cute wreath and go Gators!